Saturday, July 07, 2007

Green Gardens of the World

We always have dinner at the Green Gardens of the World restaurant in Fushun. Front row: Bing, Ying, Bing's mom, and me. Back row: Joseph, Audrey, Ya, Posidan, Ling, and Wei. I consider these folks my extended family in China. They have all accepted me and supported Ling and me in all that we do.

The restaurant has live seafood in the pick out what you want, they grab it from the tank...whack it a couple times, then serve it up fast. The food is delicious and the price is super cheap.

Ya and Wei are cousins, Wei is the most funny and energic person I have met in China. She is Yings Daughter and has a real love for life...and the gab. Get Wei talking on a subject and be prepared to spend some time. She will tell you everything she knows...and then some. hee hee.


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