Friday, August 24, 2007

Around Town

Here is a shot of my Ling in the park accross the street from the US Embassy in Guangzhou.

This is looking back at Mr. Yangs Apartment/Hotel building and the US Consulate in Guangzhou.

Here is a shot of Ling and I in front of a huge water fountain in the park accross the street from the US Consulate.

This one is looking across the park at the Civic Plaza shopping mall just down the street.

I attended American Citizen Hour (ACH) on Monday and got entered into the GUZ computer. Getting in was a snap, there were about a hundred or so in attendance. There were also several hundred Chinese nationals waiting in a que, all with blue sheets, apparently there as part of their overcome process. More men then women I would say.

When I got to the fifth floor, I was directed to the right and had to pass through security. They collected my cell pone and gave me a ticket to claim it later. The room was huge, with numbered windows to the left and rows of chairs to the right. About 40 or 50 people were sitting and waiting. As I stood there, the guard said something in Chinese and all these people stood up and rushed to the front to form a que near where I was standing. Just by pure luck, I wound up near the front of this line, which I soon figured would be to issue us all a number to see a VO. Once I got my number, I sat down and waited for my turn. At 14:30 they started calling numbers, mine was fairly quick. I asked my question about the I-134, the VO gave me the answer and told me he had entered me in the computer as it was obvious I was interested in this case.

After that, I left and met up with Ling in the lobby, and went off to have a late lunch and shopping. Now we are in final countdown mode for Wednesday.


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